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Weekly Kalyan Matka Jodi

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Weekly Matka Best Jodi Chart Every Week Update by Dj Viki Dada at Godsattamatka
Date: 20-May-2024 To 25-May-2024

How To Play Satta Matka WeekLy Game ?
Satta Matka WeekLy Game :-
1. figure & Panna :- Open To Close Play With Direction Of Satta Matka King ViKi Dada Ex- MonDay To Tuesday Kalyan Open Play Then pass Or Fail when Pass Stop If Fail Figure Then Rs x 2 Play Matlab Double Karke khelo Respectivily.
2. Matka Jodi :- When You Jodi Play If Pass Then stop If Fail Then running With Direction.
3. Weekly Open Jodi Panna Sangam :- App Ko Ye Sab Chij Full Week Running Khelna Hoga. Fail Ho To Daouble Karke bado Or Khelo iss khel me Himat Chahiye.
4. Jada Jankari Keliye Viki Dada Ko Sampark Karen.
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Satta Matka Weekly Chart

Date: 3-Jun-2024 To 8-Jun-2024
Figure 2 1 7
Panel 390 290 890
Matka Jodi 29 20 19 10 79 70
Figure 3 4 0
Panel 139 149 190
Matka Jodi 32 37 42 47 02 07
Figure 6 9 5
Panel 240 234 249
Matka Jodi 61 60 91 90 51 50
Weekly Fix Ank Open - 7 x 9
Close - 0 x 1
Weekly Jodi 70 x 71
90 x 91
Weekly Panel 340 x 269
360 x 450
Weekly Sangam 340 x 70 x 145
450 x 91 x 560
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MiLan Day & MiLan Night
Matka Weekly Chart Game

Date: 3-Jun-2024 To 8-Jun-2024
Figure 0 5 8
Panel 145 140 134
Matka Jodi 02 04 52 54 82 84
Figure 8 3 1
Panel 170 157 137
Matka Jodi 84 85 34 35 14 15
Figure 4 8 9
Panel 400 800 900
Matka Jodi 42 43 82 83 92 93
Weekly Fix Ank Open - 8 x 5
Close - 2 x 3
Weekly Jodi 82 x 83
52 x 53
Weekly Panel 170 x 459
357 x 249
Weekly Sangam 170 x 82 x 480
249 x 53 x 490



Rajdhani Day & Rajdhani Night
Weekly Matka Jodi Chart

Date: 3-Jun-2024 To 8-Jun-2024
Figure 2 7 0
Panel 200 700 000
Matka Jodi 23 28 73 78 03 08
Figure 0 5 2
Panel 460 456 246
Matka Jodi 02 07 52 57 22 27
Figure 1 6 7
Panel 380 358 359
Matka Jodi 14 19 64 69 74 79
Weekly Fix Ank Open - 2 x 0
Close - 4 x 7
Weekly Jodi 24 x 27
04 x 07
Weekly Panel 370 x 460
345 x 246
Weekly Sangam 370 x 07 x 160
246 x 24 x 130



Weekly Open Close Satta Jodi Chart

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